"Oh my gosh Valarie, these are gorgeous. I wish I could express to you how much it means to me to have these beautiful photos of us. This is the first time in my life I'm not cringing looking at photos of myself! It's an incredible feeling. I'm so, so grateful. 

- Parisa / San Francisco, CA


"We are lucky to have you as our photographer."  - Nick / New York, NY


"We are so glad we hired Val to be our wedding photographer! She has a great eye and our pictures came out beautifully. We couldn't be happier with them! She is also extremely professional and reliable. She got us our pictures back less than two months after our wedding and put together gorgeous albums. We definitely recommend working with her."

- Shannan / Pacifica, CA

"Ummm, WOW! Thank you for helping us remember that amazing day.  I just cried."  

- Joe / San Francisco, CA

"Val was absolutely wonderful to work with. She captured our day so beautifully with close-ups, candids, and details of our flowers and venue. I swear I thought I would never forget anything about that day, and while all the feelings remain strong, I know some memories have begun to fade, which makes these photos even more special."  

- Stacy / San Diego, CA

"Val did an absolutely incredible job taking photos throughout the entire wedding." 

- Magee / San Diego, CA 

"My husband and I traveled to San Francisco to have a small intimate wedding. Although the venue and group was small, Valarie was able to beautifully capture the moment and everyone's emotions. My husband and I were very satisfied with the various pictures to pick from. They were simply perfect!"

- Stephanie / San Francisco, CA


"Valarie is great with babies! She has the ability to soothe them and make them comfortable in order to capture those special memories. She’s so easy to work with and can help non photogenic folks feel comfortable."

- Sandra / Gilroy, CA

"Val is dependable, organized, and easy to work with. We’ve collaborated together on several fashion shoots and she is particularly great with natural light photography. You can see the cinematic quality in some of her shots carrying through from her videography background. I highly recommend working with her!"

- Jamie / San Francisco, CA


"I just want to send a big thank you for the photos! I am so grateful. You made all of us so comfortable in the process, and I am now (oh-so-strangely) happy to have photos of my face."

- Allison / New York, NY


"Out of the 12 skilled photographer/filmmakers we sent out into international territory, she was a stand out. Diligent and professional about her work, Valarie showed great attention to detail of the requirements of the trip. But what set her apart was her ability to exceed our requirements and expectations and show a real passion for the lives that she was documenting."  

- Guru Khalsa / Campfire Creative Producer


"Valarie's incredible imagery and energizing smile have earned her Campfire's Media Guide of the year! Valarie is the most competent, intelligent and talented individuals we have ever sent into the field.  We ask a lot of our freelancers and she has impressed us on every assignment.  Of the 200+ freelancers we use, I would trust her over all of them with any project and any client. I can drop her into a country with a limited brief, because I know she always manages to create connections, drive conversation and engage with my clients in such a way that allows them to share their stories. On every single project Valarie has delivered more than just a set of photos/videos.  She plays a vital role in our ability to do what we do, which is give back to communities around the world. Valarie is the package.  Her willingness to work hard and exceed expectations is truly unique and I hope that you have the opportunity to experience it." 

- Justin Weiler /Campfire Creative Producer

"Valarie Duran, an extremely talented photographer and filmmaker at Campfire Creative, has been globe trotting through Costa Rica and Guatemala with our Summer programs.  She's been filling our blog with beautiful imagery and creating amazing videos along the way.  We just wanted to say thanks for all of her hard work!"  

- Walking Tree Travel