Sycamore Grove Park Family Session - Livermore, CA

Herrera Family Session



In honor of International Women's Day, one of my favorite days of the year, I offered a photo session giveaway. Folks nominated an amazing woman in their life to win a 30 minute session that celebrated their self love, true love, or family love.

Moses believed his darling wife deserved to win. He shared, Sonia is an "...amazing mother of our two adorable boys and the backbone of the family. So blessed to have such a strong, beautiful woman in our lives." In the end, she won the giveaway and wanted to share the photo session experience with her family.

Sonia had never won anything before, and it was the first time they had professional photos taken of their fun, joyous family bond. It was such an honor to gift these long lasting memories to her family. I believe the photo story celebrates the art of being a mother beautifully.