Our Engagement at Seal Cove and Montara State Park

The last two years have been a difficult time for us all. However, I feel lucky to highlight some happy memories that took place along the beautiful Pacific Coast in Moss Beach, California.

2020 was the year Juan and I got engaged there, and 2021 was the year we planned our intimate elopement. Here is the story of us.

Late November 2015, Juan and I had our first date in San Francisco at a wine bar called Amelie. We bonded over our shared Latin American culture, East Coast adventures, appreciation of art, design, and sci fi / action / adventure movies.

Months later, Juan and I went on a leisurely hike. We took our first photo together on Moss Beach Trail Head Bridge while we were on our way to Seal Cove Cypress Tree Tunnel. Then 5 years later in late September, Juan proposed to me on the same bridge, our bridge.

I don't have any photos or video of the exact moment he proposed, but I will never forget when I looked into Juan's eyes as he said, "I want to spend the rest of our lives together, and I have something to give you." He pulled the ring out of his backpack and he got down on one knee to propose.

Since I was wearing a mask, he couldn't see that my mouth dropped wide open. As soon as possible, I naturally said an enthusiastic, "YES!" I proceeded to get down on my knees too, and shouted, "Am I dreaming?!"

Nope! It was very real, and we are both so excited for what is next together.

Here are some of our engagement photos by one of my favorite photographers Mary Costa. Thank you to her for coming up from So Cal to spend the early evening with us. It was a fun experience to be in front of the camera for a change as I am usually the one behind it.

Now we have beautiful photos from Montara State Park and Seal Cove Cypress Tree Tunnel to remember the place we had a magical hike 6 years ago and the place we had our engagement.