My name is Valarie, but you can call me Val. I'm honored to play a big role in capturing your memories and creating beautiful moments for you to hold on to for years to come.

Here at Valarie Duran Photography,

we are dedicated to providing you a service that will tell your life story

in an intimate, artistic, and authentic way. Why? Time flies and the photos of your experiences will become more valuable as your life changes and grows. 

If you're like me, then you feel most alive when you are immersing yourself in new cultures, taking risks, creating, appreciating the beauty around you, and lovingly giving. Through losing myself in the service of others, I found myself inspired to view the world through multiple lenses and to shine light on untold stories of strength, hope, and love. Over the past decade, I've served as a professional photographer, videographer, and educator in ten countries. 

My Journey

I'm a Bay Area native and first generation college graduate from the University of San Francisco. Shortly after graduation, I put my B.A. degree in Media Studies and Video Production to work as I volunteered with the Peace Corps in Macedonia. While there, I taught children 21st century skills through film and drama programs. Since the Peace Corps, I've experienced the film, television, and international education, non-profit industries. Sprinkled throughout ups and downs, I've had the incredible opportunity to travel for photography assignments and document youth service learning trips all across the globe. With a camera in hand, I've zip lined and river rafted in Costa Rica, walked the ancient Mayan Ruins of Tikal in Guatemala, visited a hill top castle in Southern France, and felt pure passion from flamenco dancers in Spain. As of most recent, I've received my M.A. degree from New York University, and I've helped build foundations of three schools in community with Haiti and Malawi. While traveling with purpose, taking action, and being in discovery, I learned that life no matter where we are is about awakening the power of the heart. 


When I’m not taking pictures or exploring the world, you can find me hiking, learning how to play the ukulele, roller skating, relaxing with yoga, or pouring my heart into my niece and nephew. I am located by the beach across from San Francisco, California, and I look forward to traveling near or far to capture joyous, unforgettable life adventures together. Let's continue getting to know each other. I went first, now it is your turn.

Your pal,


The Quiz

These are a few of my favorite things

Q. What are you listening to right now?

1. Michelle Obama Podcast

2. Girl Boss Radio

3. Fleetwood Mac Pandora Station

Val is dependable, organized, and easy to work with. We’ve collaborated together on several fashion shoots and she is particularly great with natural light photography. You can see the cinematic quality in some of her shots carrying through from her videography background. I highly recommend working with her!

-Jamie // San Francisco, CA



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