My name "Valarie" means woman of strength. Since my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I have traveled and served as an independent photographer, videographer, and educator in ten countries. From San Francisco to New York and everywhere in between, I thoughtfully capture the beauty in colorful details, explore curiosities, and encourage young minds to be in discovery. Through losing myself in the service of others, I find myself inspired to view the world through multiple lenses and to shine light on untold stories of inspirational empathy, compassion, courage, resilience, hope, and love. My professional photography services are for and about diverse women and children of strength and the men who stand up to honor them. It is important for me to know the story behind your name and to learn a little bit about the passion, people, places, and purpose that makes you YOU. In my free time, you can find me learning how to play the ukulele, roller skating, watching any reality show related to dance, fashion design, and singing, relaxing with yoga, or pouring my heart into my niece and nephew. I am located by the beach across from San Francisco, California, and I look forward to traveling near or far to capture joyous, unforgettable life adventures together.  Till we get our chance to meet, shine on!

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